Wild Thing

Whoops! Turns out I’m not much of a regular blogger, I meant to post this in May just after I visited. Anyway, Dutch designer Tord Boontje (you know, he of whimsical tendrilled things) has opened a new two-storey London studio-shop in Shoreditch.

Here’s a nice little illustration that was done to launch the shop:

It’s a treat of Tord’s allsorts from tableware to lighting

It’s on Charlotte Road and it’s lovely to see it his distinctive aesthetic applied in so many different ways, from fabrics to laser-cut jewellery depicting wildlife, flora and fauna.

I’d love one of his big Shadowy chairs one day, handwoven in Senegal for Moroso, they’re a bit of a departure from his other work…here’s a monochrome one:

Oversized weaving rules

And here’s a panoramic overview of the space, this photo (below) was taken by Annie Smith.

Ooh, it’s like a Tord Boontje wonderland, innit

Most of all I liked all the shadows cast about the place by his laser-cut designs, creating an magical ethereal mood.

Hiding in the shadows

Pretty as a plate

Ooh, that Tord gives good magic

Go be enchanted…or buy online. Check out his website, designed by my mates at Spinach Design.

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